Meet Our Team

Meet The Elite
Fitness Team

Jordan Smithies

(Managing Director)

I have been in the industry over 10 years having previous experience in management and hospitality. I decided to open my own business in 2009 and founded Elite Leisure (Shaw) Limited trading as Elite Fitness.

Elite Fitness was previously the well known Tara Sports & Leisure in Shaw.

We started the business with a ready established member base of approximately 200 members.  Over the years we have successfully grown the business and made significant improvements to the facility and now, in 2019, we have approximately 700 members.

Over the years we have relocated the gym floor from a small studio to the large 6,000 sq ft sports hall and invested in the upgrade of machines and equipment.

We will continue to improve our facility for years to come and would like to thank all our loyal members over the years for your continuous support.  We wouldn’t be here today without you. – Thank you!

Katie Smithies
elite_fitness_leisure_shaw_oldham_manchester_zumba_gym_yoga_aerobics-welcome-1(Director/Personal Trainer)

I joined Elite Fitness in Summer 2016 after a long career in Commercial Property Agency.  I decided to join my husband in the family business to help push the gym forward and to improve the facility.

Since then, I have fallen in love with the fitness industry and thrive from learning new things.  I have successfully completed my Level 2 Gym Instructing, Level 3 Personal Trainer & a qualified Indoor Cycling Instructor.

My aim is to help and show people that improving your fitness is not just about losing weight or building muscle mass but it also has a positive effect on our holistic well being and that physical exercise can benefit many other aspects in our lives.

I am a strong believe and living proof that regular exercise and correct nutrition can refocus a person after a difficult time and help us physically, mentally and emotionally.

I want to show people that coming to the gym is not a daunting experience and with the right help and guidance it can actually be a life changing experience.

I completely understand that stepping into a class or onto the gym floor for the first time can be an alien like experience for most people therefore, I am pleased to say that here at Elite Fitness we want to take that feeling away and replace it with confidence.


Danny Davies

(Gym Manager)

My Personal Training Philosophy is about your journey and guiding you to a healthier, happier life, to teach you how to train functionally and take you further in your training than basic weight machines and reps. As a result, you will benefit from being more confident, balanced, stronger and more flexible.

I can offer you bespoke fitness and well-being training sessions uniquely designed to suit you and achieve your own fitness goals

I know through my own experience that when you exercise regularly you feel good, you have more energy and feel more prepared to tackle the world with a spring in your step. I’ve taken upon myself to make it my own personal goal to help educate and motivate others into adapting a better, healthier lifestyle.

Nicole Greenwood

(Receptionist/Personal Trainer)

When it comes to nutrition and training my overall goal is to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle which is sustainable and achievable.

I strive to create challenging and fun fitness programmes that use functional movements, weightlifting, and also HITT circuits.

My Programme and Nutrition will help you get healthier, feel more confident and stronger inside and outside the gym.  I believe that breaking down mental and physical barriers in the gym makes facing every day challenges easier.

I am very passionate about giving people the skills and resources they need to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

I spend my free time doing aerial arts and pole fitness. I also compete in bodybuilding for the past 5 years and currently hold 3 Pro cards and a world champion title for Miami Pro. Last year I competed on the Olympia stage an placed top 3!

My areas of expertise are: Nutrition and Vegan Nutrition Weight loss and Maintenance Functional Fitness Programming Body Composition Bodybuilding.


Jack Smith

(Receptionist/Personal Trainer)

I joined the Elite Fitness team in July 2017 after finishing the Fitness Academy at Hopwood Hall College.

I have always been interested and involved in Sport & Fitness since a young age.  I have a growing knowledge of the industry and i am always looking to increase my experience in different areas of fitness.

My specialist areas are Strength Training, Strength & Conditioning, Fat Loss, Sport Specific Training, Core/Abdominal Training and most recently Meta Power training.

It is my aim to help and encourage people to help them understand that exercise helps you feel better, become more focused and also help shape you into the person you want to become.  I aim to achieve this by pushing my clients to achieve their needs and providing effective tailored programmes. If you have any questions or queries regarding personal training/nutritional support, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Andrew Stephenson

(Receptionist/Personal Trainer)

Level  3 Personal Trainer, my main points of knowledge include getting and staying lean, hypertrophy, max strength gains and sport performance.

Growing up I aways wanted tp be a marine biologist hence my DOHE in zoology.  I have always suffered with anxiety disorder and began going to the gym yo help with this and found myself on a new path towards becoming a personal trainer.  I found that through my love for sports and fitness I could help others like myself and Elite Fitness me ample opportunity to do so.

The marine biology avenue will always be there so one day I’ll go down that route but for now I’ll enjoy  Personal Training and running.  For those that don’t know, Ultra Trail running is the sport of running off road for distances longer than the traditional marathon, this can be anything between 50km and 250 miles and sometimes further.  It seems a bit crazy but anyone can do it if they set their mind to it.


Avril Fox

(Receptionist/Personal Trainer Coming Soon to Elite Fitness)

Fitness is my happy place!

I am a level 2 Fitness instructor, level 3 Personal trainer & a level 3 Yoga instructor.

I love to sweat it out teaching Spin , feel the burn lifting heavy weights, and stretching and building flexibility practising yoga.

I often compete in CrossFit competitions all over the UK either as a team or solo. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone has transformed me and I love bringing this out in others. It’s crazy what your body is capable of if you believe in yourself.

I focus on metcon (fat burn) , crossfit (functional movements) , resistance training , tabata interval training, body weight movements & yoga sequencing.

My personal training sessions are as unique as you – whether your goal is to lose fat, build strength or become more flexible, I can help!


Caitlin Hall


I am Jordan & Katie’s niece and I work on the reception desk in the evening, weekend and any other time I can around my studies at Manchester University where I am studying to become a nurse.

I love working at Elite, the people are great, staff & members.  It’s such a friendly environment with a buzzing atmosphere.

I train as much as I can before & after my shifts.  Elite is my second home.

Lisa Greenwood

(Cleanliness & Hygiene)